감동과 영감을 주는 주방 솔루션

디자인과 품질에 있어서 선구자적인 주방. 어떤 독일 주방 제품도 systemat 만큼 시장을 완전히 바꾸지 못했습니다. 아방가르드적 요소, 천연 소재 및 혁신적인 기술의 조합은 우아함과 격조 높은 취향을 완벽한 하나의 작품으로 창조해 냈습니다.

systemat 주방은 매일 새로운 영감을 줍니다. systemat은 디자인의 완전한 자유를 제공하고 디자인과 기능 모든 면에서 당신이 기대하는 모든 바를 만족시킵니다.

AV 7030–a dream come true

A wonderful stone veneer combined with urban industrial steel. Exclusive and noble, expressive and individual. The high-quality materials give this kitchen a fantastic look. The systemat AV 7030 is absolutely unique and makes your heart happy every day.

Straightforward and elegant—the modern variant

Clear structures, fantastic fronts and a concise design language characterize the kitchens in the systemat product line.

This gives you an elegant design, functional technology, sophisticated details and first-class workmanship. These kitchen solutions fit perfectly into any room concept and develop a presence that impresses.

AV 2045—beautiful kitchen with many advantages

The composition of marble gray with copper and black looks great. An extraordinary and very high-quality copper look magically attracts attention. Design safety glass, filigree SLD pull-outs in elegant titanium and the special PerfectSense® surface raise this kitchen to a high level that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

AV 6084—straight, clear, puristic

The industrial steel gray elements skilfully contrast with the dark fronts made of volcanic oak. This kitchen remains so pleasantly reserved without losing its impressive charisma. The transition from kitchen to living room furniture is fluid.

Purist and reserved—the handle–less kitchen

systematART is the name of Häcker’s kitchen solutions for cupboards without handles or knobs. Depending on the version, the cornices attached to the body are unobtrusively reserved or specially staged with LED lighting.

The Tipmatic Softclose technology ensures that pull-outs and drawers slide forward as if by magic with a simple push. Here no handle interrupts the charisma of the noble fronts, rather it shows that less is often more.


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